Catherine di Napoli came to the world of abstract expressionist art through her work in film. She co-wrote and produced films such as (UNTITLED), starring Adam Goldberg, a comedy set in the world of contemporary art and music, and The Architect (in which she also created the paintings for Parker Posey's character).

Her work attempts to capture moments of competing emotional and spiritual energy in transition. Her newest “Mono no aware” series, incorporates a time-lapse video of the artistic process, demonstrating the evolution of the work and the energy coursing through the medium of paint.

di Napoli lives in and works in Palo Alto where she is an artist-in-residence at CASP. She has a B.A. in film-making from LMU in Los Angeles. She was featured in Zener Schon Gallery’s Innovative Women Artists in Mill Valley; had three solo Ecstasy Unbound exhibitions in Northern California, has exhibited in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Recently the City of Palo Alto acquired Ecstasy 26 for their permanent collection. Following numerous commissions, di Napoli's paintings are on exhibition in homes, lobbies and offices in California, and included in collections throughout the United States.