Artist Statement


My work captures moments of emotional and spiritual energy as competing energies battle to transform environments and alter states of mind.

Series Verde is inspired by the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku or “forest bathing” in which one unplugs from technology and takes in the essence of the forest through the senses.

Series "Mono no aware" incorporates a time-lapse video of the artistic process, demonstrating the evolution of the work and the energy as it courses through the medium of paint. “Mono no aware” is a Japanese term for the state of passing, the wistful awareness of impermanence. These paintings attempt to capture moments of emotional energy in transience to the other side.

Series Ecstasy connects the painter and the viewer from ground to heavens. Old energy-- as dark spirit - recycles into the earth, while fresh energy - as vibrant color - radiates from above. I term “grounding” to mean energy simultaneously plugging into earth and sky…coursing through the medium of paint.

Series Pyrolle takes the viewer closer and within the grounding process. This series harnesses the power of the pyrolle orange pigment to frame the dark at its deepest. The pyrolle is essence: alive energy. When the blackness attempts to overtake brilliance and create depression, the pyrolle orange encircles the black hole, forcing limits.